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Children’s Community Garden

Children’s Community Garden Mural

Local residents are interested in putting a mural on the south wall of the East York Community Centre.  This mural would be a part of the children’s community garden – see below. These residents are looking into what the possibilities are and will share them with the rest of us at a public meeting, hopefully in September.

Please check back here for details about that meeting.

Children’s Community Garden

On Wednesday, May 15, 2013 from 7 – 9 pm, Councillor Fragedakis hosted a meeting at William Burgess Elementary School about a request for a children’s community garden to be created on the open space  at the corner of Torrens and Pape Avenues.  This space – see map here – is on the grounds of the East York Community Centre and is currently fenced off.

The proposal involves having William Burgess over see the garden in the spring as an extension of their gardening program.  Then the foodbank at Bethany Baptist would take the lead in working with the community to oversee the garden in the final.

Please note that though this is a community garden it is not the type of community garden that allots space to individual gardeners. Alas, a larger space would probably needed to create something like that.

Residents who attended the meeting were in favour of the proposal.  They provided the following feedback:

  • Supports the idea
  • “Sounds like a great plan”
  • Lighting?
  • Who will build the rose beds?
  • Accessible to all community members
  • Educational programs for whole community
  • Garden design from school input
  • Diversify space with shade
  • Seating area
  • Integrate art within the garden
  • Interested in supporting this garden
  • Very good idea
  • Have kids and seniors recreation programs with the garden

Below, please find a draft of the design for the garden layout created by City Parks staff.

Councillor Fragedakis would like to hear your thoughts on the design. Please  send any questions, comments or suggestions to or call 416-392-4032.



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