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Community Renewal Fund

playground Your community is your home. It’s where you get together with friends, play with your children, and cheer-on your local sports team. You depend on your community spaces to be clean, safe and durable – as do your fellow neighbours.

The Community Renewal Fund offered by Ontario Tire Stewardship gives communities the opportunity to build spaces using sustainable materials made with recycled rubber from Ontario tires. The Fund is a great way to build memorable spaces while supporting the local economy – and the environment.

What is the Community Renewal Fund?

The Community Renewal Fund is a grant program that awards eligible Ontario-based communities and organizations up to $50,000 towards the purchase and installation of Ontario-manufactured recycled rubber products such as rubber mulch, athletic and arena flooring, roof shakes, sidewalk pavers, and even playground surfacing. Using recycled materials helps the environment while supporting Ontario’s economy.

The Fund is designed to encourage communities to:

  • Rethink the way they approach new projects and consider sustainable options.
  • Support Ontario’s economy by choosing to Rebuild old or inefficiently used spaces using products made from locally produfieldced recycled materials.
  • Renew public areas so they reach their full potential and can be enjoyed by the entire community.


 What funding is available?

Grants of up to $50,000 are available to help fund building projects that use products made by Ontario Recycled Product Manufacturers using Ontario recycled rubber. Eligible projects can receive the following funding:

  • An amount equal to 50% of the rubber product cost for manufactured products such as patio tiles, sidewalks, playground tiles, athletic surfacing, roof shingles, flooring underlayment; or pour-in-place rubber surfacing
  • An amount equal to 25% of the cost of recycled rubber for granular products such as rubber mulch for landscaping or playgrounds, or crumb rubber infill
  • An additional amount up to $5,000 to help offset the cost of delivery and installation of the products.


The approved grant may only be used towards the purchase, freight and installation of recycled tire products. Please note that funding for installation will be provided if the supplier/installer provides a written warranty that includes base preparation, where applicable, and the installation of the recycled rubber products. HST (PST&GST) is not included in the funding and will not be paid on the amount granted.


Who is eligible?

The grant is open to municipalities, registered non-profit community groups or organizations, schools/colleges/universities, and First Nations communities throughout Ontario. To qualify, projects must utilize products made from Ontario recycled rubber and be completed within 12 months of approval. The space must be publicly accessible and wheelchair accessible.

Project selection will be based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Geographic location and the innovativeness of project
  • Type of project / tire-derived product(s) used
  • Project completion dateWhat kind of projects qualify?1) Granular products such as mulch for landscaping or playgrounds; and,  
  • How do I apply and learn more?
  • 2) Manufactured products such as patio tiles, sidewalks, athletic surfacing, roof shingles, underlayment, subflooring and others, and pour-in-place surfacing.
  • Eligible projects will fall under two categories:

Visit to apply online and learn more about the Community Renewal Fund. The 2016 Community Renewal Fund will begin accepting applications in spring 2016.







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