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Logan Green Field Update May 2014

Last year, I held a public meeting regarding the Logan Green Field.

I had several reasons for holding that meeting.

The Parks Department had advised me they needed to do work on the pathway to make it safe. I held that meeting to make sure the Parks Department, especially the new local parks supervisor, understood the history of the Green Field. They need to understand how this space was saved from being turned into a parking lot by local residents.

It was equally important that residents begin to to think about what they want and don’t want in that park, and again to share that with the Parks Department.  I have had discussions with them about funding improvements to the Logan Green Field. That money is now in the Parks Department capital budget for 2017, with money for design and consultation in 2015 and 2016.   I have several ongoing parks improvement consultations going on but this one is a little different. Given that it is something of a blank canvass – which some people prefer –  and the history of the space, I think the community consultation process needed to start early.

There will, of course, be larger community consultation on the future of the Logan Green Field next year .Let me again thank everyone who came out to the meeting on the Logan Green Field and those who contacted my office about it.  Of course, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the residents who fought so hard to save it.

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