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PRESTO Update – December 1, 2016

The PRESTO electronic fare payment system is becoming more widely available across the TTC. By the end of 2016, PRESTO will be at, at least one entrance of every subway station and on all TTC buses. It is already available on all streetcars.


The PRESTO rollout will continue in 2017, as the TTC completes the remaining subway station entrances that do not yet have the new paddle-style fare gates, and begins to introduce more payment options on PRESTO. TTC passes, such as a monthly pass, will be available for purchase on a PRESTO card in 2017. It will work the same way as the Metropass does today, providing unlimited travel for a month. Later in 2017, the TTC will introduce a limited use media (LUM) paper PRESTO card. This card will replace tokens and cash. It is intended for someone who occasionally uses the TTC. Students and children concession cards will also be introduced later in the year. In addition, the number of locations to buy, load and set a concession on a PRESTO card will also be increased throughout next year, and self-serve machines will be installed at each subway station entrance.


As the PRESTO transition continues next year, you will still be able to buy and use tickets, tokens and TTC passes.


You can purchase a PRESTO card online at or in person at Gateway Newstands locations in various TTC subway stations.


Visit to learn more about PRESTO at the TTC or contact Heather Brown at


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