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Medium Term Improvements to TTC Services – January 2018

There are significant improvements in the works to TTC service. You can find details on them in both the TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022 and the Ridership Growth Strategy 2018-2022 – highlights include:

  • Two-hour transfers
  • TTC-GO discounted fare
  • Fair Pass program
  • King Street pilot
  • Investment to relieve overcrowding where needed most
  • Explore microtransit
  • Introduce Customer Service Agents in stations
  • Work with Toronto Parking Authority to better support transit
  • PRESTO data for improved planning
  • Expand bike infrastructure at up to 40 stations

As well, the TTC Corporate Plan 2018-2022 mention of an Innovation & Creativity Hub that:

…will connect the TTC, its partners in transit and academia to understand and research pressing issues in transit; to harness ideas from customers and employees, as well as from other industries; and to assess and incubate creative solutions, pilot them and help them spread.

In 2014, Councillor Fragedakis moved a Members Motion calling for a creativity and innovation transit hub that worked its way through the City Council approval process so she is very pleased to see this new initiative.

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