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Two Hour TTC Transfer – Coming Late August 2018 to PRESTO

In December 2017, Councillor Fragedakis moved a motion that begun the process of implementing a two hour transfer policy on the TTC.   That motion passed and that policy initiative successfully worked its way through the system and by August of 2018 that rule will be implemented on PRESTO Cards.

TTC riders will be allowed to hop on and off TTC vehicles as often as they want within a two-hour window while still only paying a single fare. This will reduce costs for some and mean others can run errands on the way home. The City’s Business Improvement Areas, TTC advocacy groups and anti-poverty groups campaigned for this important change.

Probably one of the best summaries of the benefits of that policy comes from Daniel Hoornweg, U of T PhD Engineering graduate:

Time-based transfers are one of those rare initiatives that maximize the benefits of living in a big city. Cities make human interactions possible – the more contacts the better. Having two hours to pick-up your dry cleaning, or buy a magazine, stop by the office to drop off a report, or even have a quick drink or meal. These interactions all help to maximize the benefits of urban density. Interacting with our fellow citizens is also the most powerful way to grow our local economy.

For a relatively low cost, time-based transfers provide large quantifiable economic (grow the local economy and raise land values) and environmental (reduced greenhouse gas emissions) benefits. There are also social benefits such as more gender equity and reduced youth unemployment, although these might be harder to measure. Time-based transfers help change people’s habits for the better, making city living a little easier on the environment and ourselves.

You can read more about his research into evaluating some 100 infrastructure and policy options in the transportation, energy and basic services sectors and why the time-based transfer option was deemed by far the best in this online article.

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