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Watermain Replacement Broadview Avenue – Update #3

City staff have provided the following update regarding – click here to see notice delivered in local neighbhourhood –  watermain replacement work on Broadview Avenue:

Contract: 14PP-06WS

Start Date:  May 11, 2015
Stage 1 End Date: North of Pretoria Ave: January 31, 2016

Stage 2 End Date: South of Pretoria Ave: February 29, 2016

*Timeline is subject to change.

In early May, The City of Toronto started to replace the watermain on Broadview Avenue between Westwood Avenue and Danforth Avenue; this work was supposed to be completed by December 31, 2015.

There have been unforeseen delays with continuous water testing of the new watermain before it is connected and put into service; affecting the project end date, work will now end in two stages as noted above.

We recognize that a project of this nature is disruptive to the community and apologize for the inconveniences caused by the delayed end date. When the work is completed, all four lanes on Broadview Avenue will reopen to traffic.


To date, the following work has been completed:

·      Replacing the existing watermain

You will have seen water flushing or running in areas along this project which enables the City to clean the new watermain to ensure the new watermain meets Toronto Water’s servicing and quality standards. There are several test sites in the work zone.  Before the new watermain is connected to the existing distribution system, Toronto Water’s servicing and quality standards must be met.

The following work will be completed in the coming weeks:

·   Replacing the City-owned portion of water services and substandard water services

·   Replacing system valves and fire hydrants

·   Restoring boulevards and driveways affected by construction.

Please Note: The City of Toronto will resurface Broadview Avenue between Danforth Avenue and O’Connor Drive in 2016. A notice will be provided.

You can find more details in this notice.

Broadview Watrmain Update 3


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