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Growing the Tree Canopy in Ward 29

Trees are beautiful and they also have many other benefits including:

–  cooling our homes in summer saving us money on electricity for air conditioning.

–  cooling our streets and protecting us from sun’s burning rays

–  protect soils from erosion

–  protect us from winds in winter


Of course, they also help out air quality by:

– trapping dust,

– absorb harmful gases and other pollution

– generating oxygen

Trees increase property values.   The City of Toronto appreciates the importance of all this and has a strong urban forestry program.

To request a free front yard tree from the city, complete and return this form.  If you have concerns about tree roots on plumbing, etc, please read this for more information.

You may be eligible for a subsidized back yard tree through LEAF  (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests). Contact LEAF at 416-413-9244 or on the web at the LEAF website.


You can find visit the City’s tree planting program website or the Urban Forestry Services website for more information.

Toronto is a city of trees. More than four million trees dominate our ravines, line our boulevards and beautify our parks. Six million more trees are located on private property.

But our urban forest cannot be taken for granted.  The Emerald Ash Borer is just the latest blight threatening our green city.

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