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Relief Line Local Segment  Meeting

In July 2016, Toronto City Council approved a preferred alignment and station locations for the Relief Line (Pape to Downtown via Queen/Eastern) subject to assessment of an additional alignment within a local segment on Carlaw. The purpose of this public meeting will be to present the technical work completed to support evaluation of local segment options and discuss the preferred alignment.

Wednesday, April 5 Morse Street Public School 180 Carlaw Avenue 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Presentation begins at 7:00 pm.

The City of Toronto’s City Planning Division, together with the TTC,is planning a new rapid transit line to connect the Yonge-University-Spadina Subway downtown to the Bloor-Danforth Subway east of the Don River.

To learn more about these projects, please visit

Community Meeting: Donlands Station Second exit/automatic entrance

For information about this meeting, please see this post.

TTC Presto Updates – Ongoing

Please check the TTC website for their latest updates on PRESTO.

Update – December 1, 2106

You can find the latest update on PRESTO in this post.

Update – October 17, 2016

The PRESTO rollout continues across the TTC. Forty subway stations, 14 of which have the new fare gates, more than 1,300 buses and all new and legacy streetcars have PRESTO readers.

You can out more information about the PRESTO rollout, please see this post and for  information about PRESTO coming to Donlands Station here and for Pape Station click here.

Broadview Station Bus Roadway Rehabilitation

TTC will be rehabilitating large sections of the bus roadway at Broadview Station to maintain a state of good repair. To safely and efficiently complete the work, the bus roadway will be closed for the duration of the project. Please visit this page for more details.

Public Meeting – Relief Line

Toronto City Planning and TTC will present the results of the evaluation of alignment options and proposed location for station entrances.

Monday, June 20
Calvary Church
746 Pape Avenue
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Presentation begins at 7:00 pm.

You can find our more about this project at

Transit Notice- Line 2 closed – Pape to St. George Stations

Date: Sunday, June 12, 2016

Work description and purpose

Subway service will be suspended between Pape and St George stations on June 12 for TTC maintenance work on the Prince Edward Viaduct. This work is essential to provide long term subway reliability.

Shuttle buses will operate between Pape and St George station during the closure. Regular subway service resumes on Monday, June 13 at 6 a.m. The next subway closure between these two stations is scheduled for the weekend of August 13 and 14, 2016.

Pilot parking restrictions on Danforth and Bloor on Sunday, June 12

During the Sunday subway closure, TTC will be conducting a parking pilot on Danforth Avenue and Bloor Street to keep transit and vehicular traffic moving as fast as possible for TTC customers and all road users.

Click here for the official notice

Chester Station Second Exit

As part of the TTC’s commitment to safety and modernization, they will be building a second exit to improve customer safety and convenience at Chester Station (on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth). The second exit can also be used as an automatic entrance.

The Local Working Group’s location for a second exit at Chester Station, approved by the TTC Board, is in the northwest corner of the Toronto Parking Authority lot (29 Chester Ave.). Please join us at the open house to meet the architects and share your thoughts with them.

The TTC will present the architectural design concept. We look forward to meeting you there.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Jackman Avenue Public School – 79 Jackman Ave.

Click here for the Official Notice

Bus Roadway Rehabilitation at Broadview Station

Starting mid to late June until September, TTC will be rehabilitating large sections of the bus roadway to maintain a state of good repair. This will require the roadway to close for the duration of the project for safety, and the re-routing of buses around the station. Customers will be required to board and exit buses outside of the station. Streetcar service will be maintained with the exception of approximately 3 weekends (dates to be confirmed) – this is due to some portions of work being in very close proximity to the streetcar track.

TTC’s current plan for buses is the following:

  • Buses will not enter the bus roadway during the project. Buses will divert around the station via Erindale Avenue, Ellerbeck Avenue and Danforth Avenue back to regular routing on Broadview Avenue.
  • Bus routes affected are: 8 Broadview, 62 Mortimer, 87 Cosburn, 100 Flemingdon Park, 322 Coxwell
  • Buses will drop off customers on the south side of Erindale Avenue, east of Broadview Avenue.
  • Customers will board buses on the east side of Broadview Avenue, south of Erindale Avenue.
  • Customers will require Proof-of-Payment when transferring to and from Broadview Station.

For further information, updates and project contact information, please visit the TTC’s website.

Donlands  Station Local Working Group

Donlands Station will be getting a second exit to improve customer safety and convenience. As part of its commitment to modernization, TTC has developed a new process to involve local communities in determining second exit locations.
This process includes establishing local working groups to assess potential locations using an evaluation framework that was developed by a panel of third party experts. A local working group has been convened for Donlands Station.

For more information, please visit the TTC’s website.

Transit Fare Equity Survey

Please see this page for details.

Public Meetings – Relief Line & More

During February and March  there will be several meetings for you to learn more about integrated transit planning and provide your feedback on key projects and studies underway. Downtown meetings will focus on the Relief Line, including potential corridor evaluation, potential alignments and the process for developing conceptual station designs  – see more at

The closest meeting to Ward 29 is:

Thursday, February 25
Riverdale Collegiate
1094 Gerrard St. East (Downtown)
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.


Five new TTC express bus routes roll out this March

Five new express bus routes will begin operating across the city this March, making it easier and quicker for TTC customers to get to where they need to go.

The five new routes  – 185 Don Mills Rocket, 199 Finch Rocket, 188 Kipling South Rocket, 24E Victoria Park Express and 186 Wilson Rocket – are part of the unprecedented $95 million investment in public transit made by Toronto City Council in 2015 and form part of the TTC’s 2016 operating base budget. You can find out more on the TTC’s website.

These routes were an initial result of the TTC Express Bus Network Study and a response to ridership demands and patterns along these corridors. You can see the full report here. A longer list of express routes is being finalized and the Express Bus Network Study Final Report will be presented at the TTC Board meeting in June.

PRESTO on the  TTC

Presto is a new way to pay for the TTC and GO that uses a smart-card that replaces tickets, tokens, and Metropasses. The TTC and Metrolinx continue to roll out this service and hope to have it system wide by the end of 2016. It also lets you pay your fare in transit agencies in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa regions. It has features such as Autoload, to top up your card when the balance is low, balance protection, and online account management.

You can find out more about PRESTO on their website, which includes a section about PRESTO and the TTC called is PRESTO right for you.

Broadview O’Connor TTC Bus Diversions – Aug/Sept 2015

Please see this post for details

Coxwell Station – Open House

TTC will be hosting an Open House on June 23, 2015 to update the community on construction activity as well as present the Public Art Concept for Coxwell station.

You can find out more on the TTC’s website.

Relief Line Public Consultation

The City of Toronto and the TTC are planning for the “Relief Line”, a future rapid transit line that would connect downtown Toronto to the Bloor-Danforth Subway east of the Don River. It will assist in relieving crowding on the Yonge Subway line and the Bloor-Yonge interchange station as well as provide riders with more travel options.

You can read more about this project online.

The City of Toronto’s City Planning Division and TTC will be hosting a series of public meetings in early March. Come join us to provide feedback on the Relief Line Project Assessment. We will be seeking feedback on:

  • Potential station areas
  • Evaluation process and criteria

All four events will be identical. Meeting details are as follows:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Calvary Church
746 Pape Avenue, Toronto, ON
TTC: Pape Station
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Riverdale Collegiate Institute
1094 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON
TTC: 506 Streetcar or 83 Bus
Time: 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Monday, March 9, 2015
St. Lawrence Hall
157 King Street East, Toronto, ON
TTC: King Station or 504 Streetcar
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Christ Church Deer Park
1570 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON
TTC: St. Clair Station
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
– See more at:

Chester Station Second Exit Selection

On Tuesday, December 2, the TTC held a meeting at Jackman Avenue Public School to update the community about the planning and consultation process for selecting a location for a second exit to be built at Chester Station. Second exits are built for customer safety and convenience.

Last spring, volunteer residents and business representatives from the surrounding neighbourhood formed a local working group. Since that time, the local working group identified potential second exit locations and met several times throughout the fall to evaluate these options using an evaluation framework developed by an independent panel of experts. This work has resulted in the ranking of several locations and a recommendation for where the new second exit should be built.

The location ranked highest by the local working group is at 29 Chester Avenue, located at the west end of the “Green P” parking lot, opposite the main entrance at Chester Station.

For more information and next steps, please visit the TTC’s website.

TTC Route Diversions and Service Changes

Please visit the TTC website for the latest on route diversions, subway closures, etc and for work at Broadview Station, please visit this page.

TTC Commuter Relief – Electrifying GO

In December 2013, the Planning and Growth Management Committee passed a motion to move forward with tGO Electrification Maphe public consultation on a new rapid transit line connecting the Danforth Subway to the Yonge Subway south of Gerrard Street.  This project is required to deal with future demands on the Yonge Line that exceed capacity and to relieve congestion on that line, the Danforth subway and at the Bloor/Yonge interchange station.HarryBeckGOMap

Any new subway line would take 12 to 16 years to build.  I believe we should also look at other ways to relieve our overcrowded TTC routes.

So, I am pleased that the Relief Line Project Assessment will be conducted in coordination with the Metrolinx Network Relief Strategy and Yonge Relief Study that will examine other transit network alternatives and phasing that will address relief in the Yonge Subway corridor and provide broader regional benefits.

One promising option involves electrifying the GO lines in Toronto for intracity transit lines. People in Scarborough, for example, might take GO not the subway to get downtown.   Unlike diesel trains, electric trains can handle more frequent stops with little effect on overall speed. So, new stops could be added to the system without slowing down people’s trip. You can find more information on this on the Transport Action Ontario website.

GO Danforth Main TTC Station Interchange

From the Neptis Foundation Report

Another similar proposal involves running a GO train every 5 to 10 minutes from the GO Danforth station to Union Station during rush hour. This would take about 10 minutes travel time.  It is estimated that this would take about 10,000 to 20,000 passengers off of the Bloor-Danforth line from Main Station to Yonge and off of the Yonge line south of Bloor or about 100 people off every southbound Yonge subway train. This would require building a pedestrian link between the Danforth GO station and the Main Street station on the Bloor Danforh the line  – they are only 250 metres apart.  The cost of this is estimated at about $100 million – a fraction of the cost of a new line. You can read more about this plan at the Neptis Foundation website.

However, some have pointed out the difficulties with this idea – read more about that on Steve Munro’s blog.

Electrifying GO will not only relieve our current subway lines but this will create a rapid transit network for the whole City and the indeed the whole GTA.

My understanding is that Metrolinx is considering these ideas and that the TTC and City Planning staff are all coordinating transportation planning.

After the bumpy transit debate ride we’ve had, I hope we can get back to addressing our congestion problems and investing in public transit.


Exploring Transit Affordability

Council voted to look into finding a way to make transit more affordable for low-income residents. This report on what other cities are doing does hold out some hope we can come up with something viable here.
It is also important that we do what we can to keep the “regular” fare as low as possible and finds ways to improve the day-to-day TTC service.  

Fostering Transit Innovation

The TTC used to be the envy of North America. From payment cards, like Presto, to integrating services, like TTC & GO, we have fallen way behind other cities on transit innovation.
So Councillor Fragedakis moved a motion calling for all government agencies involved to work together and with other relevant  parties on  an ongoing basis to improve our transit system. The regional relief consultation did some of that but we need to keep working at that. Many Torontonians have ideas for improving public transit. Many other cities have practices that would we improve things here.


June 2014 Subway Closures

Please visit this page for information on subway closures in June 2014.

TTC Commuter Relief – Public Meetings

Public meetings will be held in April on TTC Commuter Relief in general and the Commuter Relief Line specifically. Please click here for details.

Summaries of those April consultations on the Relief Line assessment have been posted online here.

May 2014 – Work on Broadview Station & Subway Closures

Please visit this web page for information on work at Broadview station and this page for information on subway closures in May 2014.

Chester Station Local Working Group

Chester Station will be getting a second exit to improve customer safety and convenience. As part of its commitment to modernization, TTC has developed a new process to involve local communities in determining second exit locations.
This process includes establishing local working groups to assess potential locations using an evaluation framework that was developed by a panel of third party experts. A local working group will be convened for Chester Station this spring.

For more information, please visit the TTC’s website.

The TTC is redesigning its map

TTC has undertaken a map redesign to make it easier for customers to read. This includes identifying different services more readily, showing bus and streetcar routes more clearly, and reducing clutter. Design improvements include enlarged map scale, reorganized and new line types for surface routes and a simplified background.

See their website for more details and there is a survey about the new design.


TTC Second Exits Policy

The Expert Advisory Panel on Second Exits delivered their report to the TTC Board at its meeting this Thursday, December 19. As you know, the TTC convened the Panel in September to develop an evaluation framework which will assist local working groups to select and assess location options for second exits at several stations, including Chester, Donlands and Greenwood.
This process is outlined online.
The Panel’s report and the evaluation framework are included as appendices to the report.


TTC Public Meeting: Second Exits

On Tuesday, November 19, the TTC will hold a public meeting to seek input on a draft framework that will be used by local working groups to evaluate location options for second exits.

Please see this flyer for more details.

Pape Station Temporary Closure – August 19th to 30th!

In order to speed up the completion of construction at Pape, the station will be temporarily closed from Monday, August 19 until Friday, August 30. The station will re-open on Saturday, August 31.
During the closure, floors, stairs, finishes, ceilings, bus loop repairs and the new bus waiting area will be worked on. Elevators, bike parking and landscaping will be fully-completed in October. By December, the second exit will be completed.

For details and bus service changes, please see this flyer and/or watch this YouTube video:

For more details and updates, please visit

Pape Station Update – January 2013

Here is an update on the Pape Station modernization from the TTC:

  • The hoarding and temporary platforms have been removed from the south side of Lipton Ave
  • A new sidewalk was installed on the south side of Lipton Ave
  • The final road resurfacing and landscaping will be carried out in the spring of this year
  • At platform level, the new finishes continue to progress inside the station, with the installation of new tiles

For more details on this project, please visit the TTC’s website.



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